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Click on the Link to Discover Clint Stanton

Throughout the evolution of the humankind, there has been something near and with us that has granted us forces and supported our willingness to perform, work and live further despite the difficulties we meet in our lives. Most of you do surely realize that these words are pertaining to music. Today we would like to introduce you one more upcoming country artist –Clint Stanton. This talented musician, composer and performer is making his appearance on the stage with a nice country song ‘Walk in my Footsteps’. As any real American, Clint Stanton loves country music, and here I can say that country music is probably the greatest music that we have. Country musicians write beautiful lyrics to express heartbreak, long work days, first loves, patriotism, and a whole bunch of other parts of every day life. Country music is, in my opinion, the easiest to relate to, and I know I find myself playing songs on repeat that correlate to my life.


When you are listening to ‘Walk in my Footsteps’ what do you hear? Of course, I cannot speak on your behalf, so the words that you will find hereinafter, are exclusively my own opinion. This song reminds me of better days spent with people whom I love. As any talented person, Clint Stanton is multilaterally talented and well versed with playing on various musical instruments, writing his own lyrics, making great performances and shows. Great musicians are collaborating with Clint Stanton! Check the ‘Walk in my Footsteps’ music video on YouTube and Vimeo and you will see what great musicians have participated in recording this track. A great guitar and piano player are mildly and tactfully accompanying his singing. A very nice arrangement of the song makes the message easy to penetrate into our souls.


Sample of first single to be released off new Album March 25th, 2017. Full Studio version next week and Music Video will be shot end of February 2017. There are just a few weeks remaining until the release of this song. For more information about Clint Stanton and his talented music do not hesitate to inspect the information that you may easily find in the internet. Also, check Vimeo for Clint Stanton and you will quickly find the newest music and music videos made by Clint Stanton. You will enjoy listening to his music and if you are fond of country music then you have arrived at the right place. 

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